We are a local foundation that uses football as a tool to deliver mentoring and life skills development, to promote the social inclusion of young people aged 10-18. We use football, community sessions and 1:1 mentoring to improve young people’s resilience, wellbeing and employability.


We deliver fun, engaging and developmental football activities in accessible areas such as estates and green spaces across Battersea. Our FA qualified coaches are trained mentors and deliver all activities with young people’s social development at the forefront.


The foundation is connected to a volunteer-led football club and partnership working is key.

We believe in football, but we know that to support young poeple, more than a game is needed. Through our partners, we have further training and development opportunities available, which link to local jobs and industry work experience.


We are outcomes led, ensuring that our support is agile and holistic for all our young participants

We work with young people in group, 1:1, classroom and football pitch settings to build positive relationships that:

  • Increase resilience
  • Increase employability
  • Increase wellbeing

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