Age Groups

FC Battersea is a YOUTH football club catering for U12 to U18 age groups. As a new club, as at season 2022/23 we run just U12 , U13, U14 and U15 boys squads. Girls and Disabled will be added when funding/venues allow. To ensure a focus on quality, all age groups comprise a SINGLE squad only. Twice weekly training is mandatory.

Style of play

From U12s to the U18s, all FCB age groups adhere to the TOTAL FOOTBALL style made
famous by Rinus Michels and Johann Cruyff in Holland in the 1970s. The central idea is the use of space, with the need to consistently create or deny space in the attacking and defending phases. Everything in football is a function of distance.

Players are selected based on their ability to both enjoy and play in this style.

“…football is a game you play with your brains. You have to be in the right place at the right moment. Not too early, not too late.”



All FC Battersea players must possess:




Without these basic qualities, the Club cannot play in the Total Football style. To coach the style, training twice a week is necessary.

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